Odyssey. A Voyage in the Mediterranean of Legend

[…] In a gloomy period when there is widespread pessimism over the decline of classical studies, I believe that the world of Homer’s values is ever vital and timely. For young people who have not had an opportunity to become familiar with the legend of Odysseus, this book will, I hope, constitute a captivating introduction to the Odyssey, and perhaps even an incentive to enjoy the poem in its original language. For the older reader, may it bring back pleasant memories from his or her childhood when, like a little questioning Odysseus, he set the world in motion with his ceaseless and probing queries. In any event, it is to them, to the eternally young, to those who permanently doubt and question, that this book is dedicated.
May your own personal road to Ithaca be a long one, and may it be full of pleasant surprises!

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